Why should I bring my pet to Pine Creek Kennels Pet Resort?

FAQwillowValue to your pet, value for your hard earned dollar.

  • Our daily routine goes well above and beyond industry standards!
  • Your dog will be taken outside 4 times each day in our spacious fenced in yards.
  • They will enjoy regular social interaction with our trained staff of animal lovers.
  • Our kennel facility provides your pets with enjoyable lodging in a bright, safe engaging environment while you travel.
  • We offer amenities and packages designed to direct your pets’ energies for a fun filled vacation that fits their likes and needs!
  • Peace of mind knowing that your pet will be safe and engaged while you are away.
  • Compare our rates by adding the cost of and number of times your pet is taken completely outside into a fenced yard or walked when staying elsewhere. Surprised? We offer a terrific value for you and your family member.

Where are you located?

Pine Creek Kennels Pet Resort is nestled below Red Rock Mountain, 2 miles off of SR118 close to Rickett’s Glen State Park, Falls Trail Parking Area (Luzerne County, Pennsylvania)

GPS can take you several miles out of your way. Please call at (570)864-3189 and ask for directions.

How do I make a reservation?

FAQtubeYou can call us at: (570)864-3189

  • Email us at: reserve@pinecreekkennels.com
  • Request a reservation through this website. All reservations must be confirmed either verbally or by phone, email or text.

Can I come out anytime to tour the facility before boarding?

We have a demanding schedule between regular outings and amenities so in order to spend time with you and your pet we ask that you schedule a tour. We can generally schedule very quickly and even the same day, as long as we have time available to complete the days activities.

Please take the time to visit with your pet if you can. It helps your pet to exercise his or her “smell-a-vision” and you to feel confident that you are leaving your family member in good hands.

On another note, GPS can take you several miles out of your way. Please call at (570)864-3189 or check the website to verify directions.

Can I pick my pet up on a Sunday OR a holiday?

FAQDSC_0044 copyfixed webDrop Off, Pick Up and Taxi Service is conducted by appointment during the following hours;

Monday – Saturday 8:00AM-2:00PM and 4:00PM-6:00PM.
Sundays 11:00AM-2:00PM and 4:00PM-6:00PM.

Closed daily 2:00PM-4:00PM for quiet time.

*We schedule everything by appointment. Appointments can easily be changed during open hours. Just give us a call. It is really helpful to have a schedule when we do so many different amenities daily. THANKS!

Holiday Hours: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day;
Open 10:00AM-11:00AM and 4:00PM-5:00PM.

Christmas Eve we are open from 9:00AM-12:00PM.

Closed for pick up, drop off and Taxi Service on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Can I call to check on my pet?

Yes, you can call any time you like and please be prepared try several times to reach us if necessary. We spend a lot of time with our temporary pets and do not always get to messages until later. We will only call you if we have questions that need to be answered during your pets vacation.

What vaccinations do my pets need to vacation with you?

All pets must be up to date in accordance with your veterinarians’ and/or holistic health care providers recommendations for your pet along with state laws.


Panleukopenia (cats only)

We believe that a Professional Assessment of how much and how often to vaccinate a pet should be made based on that individual pets current state of health.

Therefore we require at minimum; Rabies as per state laws, Core Vaccines listed above on a schedule you and your veterinarian agree to for your individual pet.

Bring along proof:

    • Up to date vaccination on your veterinarians letterhead.
    • In lieu of a standard vaccine schedule we accept a current wellness exam results or titer tests.

**due vaccinations ideally should be completed 30 days (or more) prior to your pets’ vacation. We can work with less(as little as two weeks), but please call us at 570-864-3189 for any questions or if you cannot update vaccinations in a timely manner.

When should I take my pet to their Veterinarian for shots or a wellness checkup?

FAQdogcathlon We recommend 30 days as a preventative measure that allows your pets system time to adjust to the stresses of vaccines and build immunities. We believe a 30 day lead is a much healthier option for our all of our temporary pets. Please work together with us to give your furry family member the best possible experience when away from home by taking steps to keep their stress low and health optimum!

Do you offer a Pet Taxi Service?

Yes, we offer pick up and delivery services 7 days a week by appointment. Our general service area is generally up to approximately a 100 mile radius of our facility. The price is typically $1 per mile one way. For instance if you live 25 miles from our facility it would cost $25 (plus tax) for a pickup, or for a delivery.

Will you board a young puppy?

Young puppies require extra time, care and attention.

Dogs that are 3 months of age generally have enough immunities to stay in population. We offer a Puppy Boarding Package that is designed to reinforce your training commands, habits, etc, and includes a bath before you come for pick up.

If your puppy is under 3 months call us to see if we can accommodate under special circumstances. We have extensive experience and have also boarded many younger pups (out of population), including an entire litter and their mom!

What do I need to bring along?

Vaccinations: An up-to-date vaccination record and/or health certificate that is provided by your veterinarian or holistic health care provider on their letterhead, along with a Rabies Certificate signed by your vet.

FOOD: Bring an appropriate size container of your pets regular food. We now ask that food is supplied in its original packaging due to recalls. If we have an original bag, then we can quickly identify if your pet is eating a food that has been recalled. For our space requirements please provide the appropriate size for your pets stay.

Label with your pets’ name and amount of food to be fed. (ex. Rex 1/2 cup am & pm). We provide bowls and use our own measuring cups. Please be sure to use actual cup measures when recording amounts to feed.

TREATS: You may bring along your pets favorite treats to be doled out as you wish. If your pet is on a grain free or special diet please provide their special treats as we do not have all available.

ALLERGIES; If your pet has food allergies please label or make a note to alert all pet care techs so you pet is only given appropriate treats.

BEDDING, TOYS, ETC: You may bring along a blanket, bed, and a toy or two if you like, along with an itemized list and description of all the items you brought. Please look over all items upon departure to be certain you have everything that you brought in. Items can be damaged, lost or destroyed during lodging so we cannot be held responsible for replacement. Items may not be laundered upon pick up as our washer cannot accommodate all types of bedding.

What will it cost?

FAQcookoutOur basic rate is typically mid-range $25 per calendar day – an exceptional value with the added exercise and interaction.

To compare our rate to another take a base rate and add on the cost per outing. ie: $18 plus $2.50 x 4 = $33 value.

We also offer an array of a la carte amenities and packages that give you choices based on your individual pets’ needs. Total cost depends on your choice(s).

Purchases may be subjected to Pennsylvania State sales tax.

New customers, we encourage you to call and schedule a tour to come out and see our facility with your pet (if you can). We would love to meet you and your pet to go over everything in person. We also believe it is important for you to see where your family member will be staying while you are away.

Why should I purchase amenities?

All dogs are different, some need a lot of one-on-one cuddle time while others have a lot of energy to burn.

As any dog-person already knows we all benefit when our furbabies needs are acknowledged and met – we get to keep our shoes, furniture and whatever other ways they find to amuse themselves!!!

While boarding without their family members at our facility it is all about meeting your pets needs and more than likely, Spoiling Them Rotten!!! That is why our clients choose to come here.

How do I know my pet gets what I pay for?

FAQtessacampYour dog will tell you! When you arrive and finally get to see your family member you should expect an exhubarant welcome. We call it the “happy puppy dance” and it is what we want to see. It is the typical response of a happy well-balanced pet.

Also we encourage you to “Like Us” on social media – Facebook, Instagram, and our Web Blog as you will most likely see a picture or catch a comment about your pet.

What methods of payment are acceptable?

Cash, GOOD Checks, Debit/Credit Cards

LONG DISTANCE CLIENTS are required to make a deposit for half of your pets’ lodging stay upon drop off

How much time does my dog get in the yards during their basic outings?

Outings generally range from 5 to 10 minutes and are catered to the individual dog. Exactly how much time your dog is out is directly related to the needs of your pet.

For example; 2 year old “Boone” is high energy and requires much exercise so he will be out longer than 14 year old “Gizmo” who is much more interested in a short walk, and a warm bed.

I have 2 (or more) dogs and want them to share a room but they can’t be together when they eat, what should I do?

We can make arrangements so that they can share a room but will be separated for feeding times.

Will you administer medication?

We will give medication to your pet two times a day in pill pockets that you provide.

Please bring the medication in its original container.

Contact us directly to discuss your specific situation if your pet needs medication more than twice a day or needs any other types of medication. Fees may apply.

Can you handle special dietary needs?

We will feed any type of food that you provide with the instructions you leave us because we believe it is in the best interest of your pet.

Can my dog play with other dogs/will my dog be with other dogs?

At this time we do not put dogs together that aren’t from the same family, although your dog will see other dogs in the kennel and in other yards.

My dogs will be outside in the country four times daily do they need flea and tick prevention?

Yes. All pets must be on a flea and tick prevention program or holistic regimen of your choice.

It is in your pet’s best interest to use your choice of flea and tick prevention.

Also, most vets would strongly encourage your pet be wormed, generally once a year.

How do I ensure lodging space?

Reservations can be made early to insure space. Life happens so there is always a possibility of getting a last minute reservation, even in busy times.
If you have a last minute need to go away, call us at (570)864-3189 to check availability. Deposit payments are accepted.

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