testimonialdean&martinWe wanted you to know what a great gift it is for us to have the staff at Pine Creek Kennel Resort to take such good care of our dog Martin. Every time we travel, we miss Martin from the moment we drop him off at your facility. It is an absolute comfort to know that while we travel, Martin will be taken care of like we would care for him at home. Through the years, even as Martin has grown old and his needs for special care and attention have increased, you continue to provide a caring home for Martin while we’re away and we recognize the extra effort it takes to care for him in his older years. It is so very nice to find Martin happy, bathed, and groomed when we return to pick him up.

So, we offer this sincere “Thank You All” for Martin’s care and the peace of mind you give us which allows us to enjoy our trips all the more.

– Dean, Helen, and Martin

Thank You for taking such great care of Jemma. Our time apart from her is always ‘worry free! you are the only kennel I trust to care for our girl. If cannot express my gratitude enough. Thanks again.

– Judy, Fritz & Jemma


My husband and I are lucky to travel for fun and on educational trips and need to kennel our dog, Izzy, many times. Many times we can take her along but if we are doing things like flying or taking a cruise, it is not possible. Se would also not like to be “home alone.” Our trips have been much more enjoyable, knowing Izzy is in excellent care and receiving a lot of love and attention.  We cannot stress enough how wonderful the Pine Creek Kennels are.

Karen and George are devoted to animals. They have chosen employees who are also loving to their “charges.” The kennel is immaculate and they are careful to make sure the “guests” are up on their Immunizations. There are many options for exercise and interaction. We choose “tuck me in’s” and “Rip ‘n’ Tears.”

When we drive up to the kennel, Izzy jumps out of the car and just can’t wait to go inside. It is a treat for her to go to the kennel. When we pick her up she has to run back and get a pat on the head before she gets in the car.

When we “discovered” Pine Creek Kennels we felt we found a real treasure and we count Pine Creek Kennels as a real Blessing in our lives.”



-Ginny and Dr. Joe English, Oh and Izzy.