What We Do

whatwedo#1playlargerA FEW OF OUR BEST FEATURES


  • Out of the ordinary daily routine that includes going outside into our fenced in yards, or leash walking 4 (FOUR!) TIMES EACH DAY


  • Staff of engaged, knowledgeable and fun animal lovers that provide the utmost care for your furry family.


  • Packages and Amenities designed to meet the needs of dogs, from food oriented to love bugs, energetic and “tigger” types. Making the right choice for your individual dog will ensure a great vacation for both of you.


  • For those sensitive sniffers we use all natural disinfecting cleaning methods
  • For “our” dogs’ people by positive encouragement of good manners throughout stay


  • Off the beaten path on 15 acres of Pennsylvania countryside with a clean mountain stream and winding path through the woods to enjoy nature and it’s creatures. Rickett’s Glen State Park, a National Natural Landmark is just 2 miles away.


  • We encourage you to schedule a tour with your dog to take time to “sniff around” and determine if this is the best place for your furbaby stay and for you to be comfortable (as possible when leaving family behind!). 570-864-3189